Make a cheese cutting board


Time to kick off the holiday gift-making season! For those of you in America, this would also make a great Thanksgiving project.

Rather than make an end-grain cutting board, I decided to make this using the edge grain. While it’s not as durable as an end-grain cutting board, it is much easier to make and can be run through a planer, something you probably don’t want to try with end grain.

I imagine a cheese board will only see use occasionally, for entertaining. Plus, slicing cheese doesn’t require a lot of knife-chopping action, so scratches on face grain will be minimal.

I made mine using padauk and cherry. Any hardwood will work.

This is a great opportunity to give your router some action if you haven’t used it much. The two recessed areas in the board are made using a cutting template. I used a round, bull-nosed bit, but a straight bit would work fine too.

Cutting template


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  1. Wow Steve, I just realized – after watching this video in HD – that I’ve been following you ever since you made that horrid 240p chess-board (the p is horrid, not the board 😉 ).
    Right now I’m a 24 year old Belgian guy who can’t do woodworking anymore due to living space, but still a fan ! How old does that make me in the beginning?
    Oh, cool project btw 😉

  2. I’ve been cutting the cheese for my entire life without the use of a cutting board.

    That’s why nobody wants to take long rides in the car with me.


  3. I have neither padauk tree nor cherry tree growing near for me, what shall I do? Look again and then you will find, any hardwood is fine just alternate the grain to accentuate the same. Finish it with stain and look forward again. Merry Christmas.


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