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I have a lot of drill bits. Mostly, they are all over my workbench and I always have a difficult time finding the one I need. I have several cases and containers: the ones that came with various bit sets, but they are mostly empty. After years of drill bit madness, I realize that the reason they are so disorganized is that the cases and holders demand too much organization.

They are flawed because they require me to replace bits into specific holes depending on their diameter. Too much pressure!

I designed this case to hold drill bits based on their general sizes. There is no need for organizational madness.

Won’t they get dull this way? While I wouldn’t store router bits like this, I don’t think it dulls drill bits much. Plus, I don’t plan on shaking them around for extended periods. I’ve been sloppy with drill bit storage for years and can confirm that even the ones I have abused the most still make holes. Not to mention, I don’t buy expensive drill bits. If one gets too dull, I will buy a new one.

The only part of this box I am not completely satisfied with is the latch. I just hobbled together various hooks and eyes from my parts drawers. It works, but isn’t very pretty. But it is just a shop project. Not like anyone other than me will ever see it. I did add some fancy inlay which was quite unplanned.

Free plans:


  1. I noticed you set the fence for the rabbet cuts and then when you made the cuts a sacrificial fence had magically appeared. Where can I buy self-adjusting sacrificial fence?

    Why did you put the fancy inlay on the back of the box?!

    Is that a Bessey band clamp? If not, what brand is it? TIA

    Your drum sanding is really starting to bug me. If you drill a hole in a temporary table then you can lower the drum into it and place the work piece flat on the table while you sand it instead of holding it in mid air. You can even get fancy and make the drum hole in a box with a vacuum outlet on the side. I used that method for years until I got a proper spindle sander.

    All the drill bits I use regularly are thrown in the bottom of a drawer with my drills. I haven’t noticed them getting dull from sliding around when I open and close the drawer. One of these days I’m going to make a tray for them, maybe.

  2. Whoah you just buy new bits? Some of us mere mortals don’t have unlimited resources you know? We can’t afford to just run out and buy new tools whenever our old ones get dull. Especially not when it only takes moments on a grinder to make most drill bits better than new.

  3. I really like sports, so if Steve makes a few projects to store athletic equipment, at what contribution level could become a Wood Working for Mere Mortals ATHLETIC SUPPORTER?

  4. Hey Steve,

    Request for Mere Minutes this week:

    Please show the out-takes from this episode at the exact moment you recognized that you cut from the wrong side of your case.

    I put the over/under on the number of curse words at 3.

  5. I liked your bit case. I had several comments but you beat me to them. I’ve got some drill bits that are at least 20 years old and they still drill holes. I tend to break a lot of the smaller ones. I was thinking that you should have cut the same “mistake” all the way around, then it would have been a “design change”. Steve, that latch needs a design change, how about countersinking a couple of round magnets into the top and bottom of the case. You must have very small silverware. Keep up the good work.

  6. The important thing for a sharp drill bit is the tip point. Espcially for woodworkers…
    The box is great – and as already said most drill bits disappear silent, and that is what this box avoids

  7. Why are there so many negative remarks here? Steve gives us the best down to earth videos. If you do not agree with him, treat it like TV and go to another channel like animalolympics or something you can handle and understand.

  8. Thanks again Steve – as always, you’re one of the bright spots in my day/week.

    (I noticed you cutting the top incorrectly, thinking…”hey, I did that yesterday!)

  9. Get the high performance drill bits from the local drill bit manufacturers with years of experience in the industry. It will help making sure that the work you are going to perform will be completed successfully, without facing any trouble.

  10. Just started watching your videos……..been woodworking for years…..really enjoy it. I make a lot of wooden board games…..monopoly..clue….etc…I draw the boards by hand….frame them up…..finish them with poly…
    Just made your Shut the Box Game….never knew its name….having great time with it……..THANKS

  11. Drill bits who needs drill bits? I usually just take a nail and smash the tip flat with a hammer for my drill bits. (Well at least that’s what I did a couple of desperate times!)

  12. Steve,

    Great project and well done. Just for future reference, “to hobble” means “to cause to limp” or to restrain the progress of (which you may have intended here). I think what you really wished to say was you “cobbled” together the latch for the drill bit box; but hobbled or cobbled, it was a nice piece of work.


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