Wall mounted storage cabinet


One bit of shop organization often leads to another. The extra space I gained by making last month’s roll-around painting and finishing cart prompted me to consolidate the remainder of my paints and finishes into the area by my utility sink.

This wall-hung cabinet holds nearly as much as the wall shelves I had been using for years, but takes up far less room. Now I can consider the possibilities for all this freed up space!

The shelves in this cabinet are 4 1/2″ deep, just enough to store quart sized cans of stain or paint as well as the taller, narrower cans of thinners and wipe-on polys. The space between the upper shelves is 8″, perfect for storing cans of spray paints and finishes. I used about a half sheet of 1/2″ plywood for the entire cabinet. (See plans for cutting diagram.)

I designed this cabinet to fit together using dadoes and rabbets that I cut on one board all at once using a stack of dado blades on my table saw. No need for time consuming router set-ups. Of course, you could also cut these with a router if you don’t have access to a dado set. An even easier option would be to put the whole thing together using pocket screws.

Free plans


  1. anyone else notice the use of older projects in the video, the purple wood and the shims. Wonder where they came from lol? You must hang on to every scrap of wood.

  2. Here in the South I can’t store any paint in my garage workshop because summer heat ruins it. I keep mine inside the house year-round.


    • yes, I have ruined several cans of paint and poly keeping it in the workshop (aka garage) her in Western SC. Under the bed is my new paint storage place.

  3. Hi Steve

    What is your link with Scotland? I have noticed the Soltire, St, Andrews flag on your truck bumper/fender on a few occasions.

    Alex; Living in Weymouth England (why) but originally from Scotland

  4. why home depot orange? is next week’s project gonna be Lowe’s blue? LOL Seriously though, what kind of headphones are those with the antenna? Does it connect to the internet? Would like to know. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for a great project Steve and for showing some minor mistakes. We all make them and it takes a real woodworker to admit them. I like the orange and I also like how you’re not afraid to paint a wood project. Two thumbs up for this project and video!!!

  6. Great site!
    Puts “the fun” back into woodworking!!
    How would I go about posting a picture a a dollhouse I made for grankids?
    Id like to share!

  7. Great project. I am in the process of planning a larger version of it for my tools, and it will be a double door version, much like with a dart board. Keep them coming…..! 🙂 TF

  8. I love the free plans for how to make a box.

    Next week I’m hoping that Steve will offer free plans for how to make a board.

  9. Starting at 0:47 of this video you do something that makes me cring. Your right hand is almost directly over the outbound dado blade. As someone who has had an accident with the beast, I can tell you that the most dangerous thing you can do is to put your hand forward of the blade while cross cutting plywood.

    As you send the cross cut of out the blade there is a tendency to for long thin pieces to twist. If that were to occur (experience talking here) the kick back would send your hand right across the blade.

    Sorry for being a wet blanket but shop safety is always on my mind. You might get away with this once or 100 times but it only takes once to send you to hospital and out of commission for 3 months.

    But nice job on the cabinet.

  10. Personally I think the orange is fantastic – it’s very eye-catching and sure to attract a lot of attention! I had a quick look at a few of the videos too and they gave me a chuckle, you have a great sense of humour. Please be careful and watch your self when working with these tools!

  11. Is it possible to build this cabinet without the dado stack? They are expensive and I don’t have one. Ido have a router and straight bits. Please help, im a newbie.

    • Yes you can make this without a dado set. I just made this without one. Just hide a straight edge with your router and a straight bit to make the dados and the robbers.

  12. Hi, I have long following your videos from Spain (Europe) and I wonder if you can get projects metric system. Thank You.


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