Plans for the home-made pocket hole jig and kids gettin ‘er done.


Last week I posted some pictures Carmen Salamone’s shop-made pocket hole jig. It wasn’t long before Bruce (Wood Chuck) cranked out some plans. Download his Sketchup file here. Thanks Bruce!


Carmen Salamone is quite productive. Here are more versions of the wind spinner.  (You may recall, he’s the one who inspired me to make mine.) I love the way people are painting these things.

And check out these made by Macgyver Norris and Country Barbie. (I am going to guess those are nicknames, unless they live in Hollywood!) This is part of Kevin Wells’ “Little Woodworkers” feature.  And check out Kevin’s web site, Chuckin Wood.
Kids today. Charlie Webster incorporated his version of my planter box as part of his Boy Scout Eagle Project. Looks great.


  1. It’s great to see young people getting into woodworking. So many high schools have cancelled much of the “arts” like auto shop and wood shop and metal shop. those were my 3 favorite classes.

    Thanks for all you do Steve too… you make me smile and my whole family enjoys watching your videos.

    — Jim


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