Pallet wood porch-swing bird feeder


A few weeks ago Matt McDowell posted a Keek video of a bird feeder he made. It’s a great project that anyone can build using scrap wood or even pallet wood, as I did.

Here’s Matt’s feeder:

So clever!
Bird feeding tips

I am not much of a bird watcher myself so I learned that bird feeders should have a screen in them to allow air circulation, keeping seeds from getting wet, which could lead to them sprouting and growing mold. Yuck.

After building this project, I hung it just outside my office window and posted a video on Keek. (If you aren’t on Keek, see what you are missing.) I learned from Rich that it is a good idea to keep the feeder away from the house because seed mixes may contain weeds that will fall out and might sprout where you don’t want them. Plus, birds are messy creatures in general. I shot the video intro this morning after moving the bird feeder to a better spot in case you wonder why it is in a completely different location at the end of the video!
Download plans:


  1. By the time you got to the point of hanging the finished feeder, I was falling off the chair laughing at the soundtrack. Classic.

  2. After I heard the peacock, I wondered about the authenticity of the “local birds in my area” statement. When I heard the kookaburra Iknew I’d been had. Good on you, Steve!

    Paul in Oz

  3. We’ve got tons of different birds in my neck of the woods – so many i sometimes wonder if i should get rid of my alarm clock! But my wife loves to watch them. She has often urged me to build a bird feeder or something, but i could not be bothered. She even bought one of these cheesy birdhouses – but this thing will never find a place in our backyard. Pretty provocative to buy something like while living with a woodworker….anyways, i have to admit that this swing looks pretty cute and perhaps this could be a good compromise. I can make this using scraps….will updater you once it’s done!

  4. Oh no! I’m making one now. Sorry about the unique, but it was too cool to pass up. Also great site Steve. Just started woodworking again about a week ago after 40 years. Get ideas from your site daily. Thanks!

  5. Oh Steve, you are such a priceless nut, our house just loves ya !

    Keep up your awesome work, you are indeed entertaining and we learn a lot from you and your attitude that woodworking should be, above all else, fun.

  6. Hey Steve; wonderful soundtrack. I would hate to see what the monkeys and elephant does to that feeder tho. great ideas from you.

  7. love the feeder! i modified the plans to make the seat slats fit a rectangular flowerpot and made a porch swing flower pot


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