Pallet drink coasters


Little pallets

What better project to make with free pallet wood than little pallets! This drink coasters are super easy to make using any scrap wood you happen to have. The only trick is to use thin wood so that the scale is fairly accurate. The slats on most pallets are about a quarter inch thick.

I suggest planing them down to 1/16″; I shaved mine down to about 1/8″ and they look a bit too thick. In the measured plans, I indicate 1/16″. If you don’t have a planer, you might look around in a craft store. Many carry small, thin pieces of wood.

The other issue is the width of the slats. In the plans, I have them ripped to 3/8″ wide, which will yield nine for the top. I cut mine a little wider, allowing for only eight slats. I experimented with narrower strips in order to fit eleven on top, like an actual pallet, but it was too difficult and the slats just looked odd. Probably due to their thickness. If you are ambitious, you might use a couple different widths as is often the case on real pallets.

I used my router to make curved notches in the bottom two runners. If you don’t have a router, or just don’t want to bother, they would look fine without that detail.

You could assemble these using hot glue. In my experience though, hot glue is somewhat  difficult and messy to use. These could also be glued together with regular white school glue.




  1. Steve, Don’t be surprised to wake up to truck loads of old beat up pallets in your front yard. Lots of folks out there want to what you come up with next………Another fine job Steve……Steve from Newbury Park, Ca

  2. Pretty cool Steve. Very much inline with your “pallet phase” that you are going through. Looks like it has run full circle now. Unless you make a gigantic pallet and use it for an outside “deck” hey now? That sounds like an idea.

  3. Need to size the pallets appropriately so that they will fit on the forks of a radio controlled forklift toy.

    That way you can use the RC Forklift as the bartender’s drink delivery vehicle.

    Or you can use it to scare the cat when delivering the can of Tuna.

  4. I made a dozen this weekend. It worked well to rip the boards into thirds, then split the thickness with the table saw (ripping the narrow way, with boards on edge). This yielded two useful boards to plane down to thickness. I used hot glue augmented with 23ga pin nails.

  5. Steve, what is the music you used on this project?

    I find myself coming back here again and again just to hear the track….oh, and to watch your inimitable televisual skills, naturally!


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  7. I wouldn’t use white school glue for this project as it is water soluble, and will probably come apart.


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