Cherry wood floor lamp


Continuing my living room re-furnishing with a floor lamp. Sticking with my retro theming, I decided to make the legs using the same chevron shapes I cut out in my Jetsons wall clock. This is the first piece in the room which I built out of solid wood. I wanted to retain the soft, rounded edges of the table part of the lamp and that would be difficult with plywood.


One problem I encountered was attaching the light fixture to the 1/2″ steel conduit. I was kind of surprised to discover that there are no connectors or adapters to fit one to the other. I ended up just epoxying them together which seems to work out fine.

Also of note in this video is a great method for cutting circles on a table saw. I’ve used this technique many times and it always produces perfect circles. You could also rig up a similar sled to a band saw.


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  1. Get some acid brushes for spreading glue around already, or something. Now your table legs are held by edge banding glue. I don’t think I’d have gone with that fix. Isn’t edge banding glue like hot glue? Not really a great adhesive for making furniture with.

    • I agree with you that edge banding is not the right way to patch this. He should have cut a slice of solid wood. But let’s give him a break, alright? I think your comment reads a bit snarky and judgmental.

      You got any videos of your fine furniture building that we can watch?

  2. Hello i watch you from Athens Greece very good work you are doing
    Could you put to your website Learn more woodworking plans for example your router table ?

    Thanks Dude !!

  3. Steve – congratulations you are starting to look like a fine woodworker… Your projects are getting better and better and you are dangerously close to sleeping with the enemy. You are just one $500 hand plane away from joining the (country) club.

    in all seriousness, your videos go to show that good design trumps overly complicated technique. I see way too many projects in the magazines that are nothing other than a showcase for skill rather that something that looks good and is useful. I am putting this lamp on my short list of to do projects.

  4. The first time Astro runs through the house chasing Elroy, he will smash that table into a thousand pieces.

  5. Steve, all your floor lamps look so gorgeous. I have a lot of lamps at home, too. I just like to decorate my house with a lot of lamps. I got most of my floor lamps from World To Home website. If you get a chance, check out their website. I think you’ll like it! 🙂

  6. I too want to make this as an end table and skip the lamp portion of it. Was just wondering if you could include the plans Steve. I’m fairly new at watching your videos and I enjoy them a lot. I also appreciate the plans being free as others charge for theirs.

  7. Steve,
    I am thinking about starting a youtube channel, any advice?
    I watch you all the time, great stuff. I also do woodturning as well other wood projects.


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