Make an herb garden planter


Simple container gardening for small spaces

If you haven’t tried your hand at gardening, an herb garden is a great place to start. It is very satisfying and doesn’t require a green thumb. Herbs need very little space and grow well in containers. Plus, most herbs tend to grow fairly quickly. In no time, you’ll be able to snip off fresh basil for your pasta sauce while you are cooking. Nothing is fresher than that.

Free plans:

I expanded the container idea and built this container garden suitable for small spaces. This entire planter is a little under six feet wide and stands four feet high. It’s perfect for an urban space, say on an apartment patio or balcony. I’ve included a lattice on mine for climbing plants in the lower boxes. It should look nice when it fills out.

With small spaces in mind, I designed this project to be made with only a few tools. All you will need is a saw and a drill. You can build this in a driveway, on your porch or yard. Not only that, but anyone should be able to put it all together in a few hours. It’s that simple!

Make a rustic sign. An easy way to achieve a distressed paint look.

The herb garden was so easy to build that I had time to make a second project this week: the rustic sign hanging above the planter. I made it using old pallet boards and acrylic craft paint. There are a lot of methods for creating a distressed look, but I have found the easiest way is to just thin paint down with water to great a “whitewash” of sorts and just splash it on the wood. The advantage to using acrylics is that they dry almost instantly and you can move right on through the process. I then sand random spots and voila! Instant aged sign!

Three videos!

But wait! There are not just two videos this week: I’ve also thrown in a Mere Minutes video for good measure! Of course, I had to address my pronunciation of herb. I’ve heard from several folks this week who take issue with my accent.

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  1. I glad you didn’t sand off too much of the “B” on the bottom. If you had I don’t think anyone would go near it.

  2. See now damn it alll ther other half watched this over my sholder and wants a couple made… I already have 10 mile long list… lol As for erb, herb… We say herb here in NZ but meh who cares accents & pronunciation in different countries meh!!!

  3. Now I’m really confused.

    How should I pronounce the name of the band, “Peaches and Herb”??

    This is terrible. Until I figure this out, I may never be able to Shake My Groove Thing ever again.

  4. Who is really bothered how you or anyone else pronounces the word “Herb”… You work and videos are great, fun to watch as well as inspiring, encouraging… Whoever complained need liven up a bit! Nighthawk I too have a longer by the day list of things to do……. “Woman” Same the world over eh!.

  5. This is so cool Steve! Perfect for erbs and herbs… I’m wondering how it would hold up with other climbing plants? I’m definitely going to have to build myself one now and experiment. I’m hoping that if I build this my cooking may improve too… But don’t like my chances.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. You do a great job with the woodworking videos, but I think the ‘herb’ video is a work of art. Thanks for the laughs.

  7. yes I want to thank you for clearing the “air” on the word “herb”. We were taught in grade school to say herb with a silent “h” and every Time I hear the TV queen, “Martha Stewart” say herb with the “h” sound it sounds like finger nails across a blackboard. But if I had her money I guess I wouldn’t care how I miss-pronounced a word. Here in Pennsylvania we say “you-uns” and we go home and red up the house meaning to clean it, from top to bottom…have a great day!

  8. Did you put a finish on the wood? like a sealer or something? what can I put on it to protect the wood and not kill the herbs?

  9. hi Steve,

    How is this herb garden holding up? Also, did you put the stain on the inside? Or did you just stain outside? Worried about the contamination from the stains? thanks


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