Make a Jetsons wall clock!


Jane, stop this crazy thing!

While decorating my retro living room we decided a new wall clock would be nice. I searched around and found several oh-so-funky examples that led me to this design.

There was a certain optimistic vision of the future portrayed in the Jetsons and in the show’s design style. The jumble of odd shapes and angles paired with pastel colors evoked a sense of dazzle for the future, while keeping us grounded in the present. (50s and 60s present, that is.)

I decided to build this project using only my hand-held power tools to remind us that:

  1. Woodworking can be accomplished with very little investment in tools. A jig saw doesn’t cost much but is incredibly versatile. There are very few cuts it can’t handle.
  2. You don’t need a lot of space to do some woodworking and make some cool stuff for your house. This project and the tools I used can easily be stored in an apartment closet.
I hope you can pick up some ideas from this project and make something of your own. I’ve packed the video with a plethora of tips to get you thinking differently about woodworking and realize that it’s something anyone can tackle. All you need is a little imagination. Kind of like the Jetsons’ universe.


  1. Great video! I love all the sanding tips, especially using a clamp to hold down the trigger on the portable drill on a vise, I never thought of that. thanks!

  2. So you upgraded from your old jig saw did you? Those really cheap jig saws are horrible aren’t they? More like hand vibrators than useful tools. If you get one of those belt cleaning erasers you may get some more life out of your drum sanding sleeves. I hear a tube of hardened latex caulk even works pretty good for that, but I’ve never tried it myself. What the hey though you’re rich! You and your inexpensive DeWalt jigsaw over there …

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