Canned goods dispenser. Get organized!


Junk month

All this month I will be featuring storage and organization projects. If you have anything you’d like to share, let me know!

January is a perfect time to start anew and spend some time organizing stuff. It is actually one of the more popular resolutions. And unlike “drop 30 pounds”, organizing is easy to dive into and the rewards are much quicker!

Here’s a project my wife has been wanting me to make for some time. We have a shelf on which we store canned food and it is always a mess. Somehow the cans always manage to intermingle, making it difficult to find what we are looking for.

I spent a lot of time getting back into SketchUp: I haven’t used it in a while. (It’s one of my resolutions!) So while I can’t say it’s the best plan in the world, it should help you to build this. I hope to really improve this year. If you want to make the dispenser to fit into a smaller space, just eliminate a couple of the dividers and scale it back.

Free Plans:

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  1. Yesterday I assembled a storage rack for my garage to offload my yellow “wood cart” of all the wood that’s been drying in my garage for the past year or two.

    The cart is now empty, and ALL of the wood that had been piled up about four feet high on it and around it is now on the rack. Perfect fit!

    And, I finally finished a rack/holder to support big logs that I want to chainsaw lengthwise…

    My garage is now LOTS neater and roomier than before!


  2. Happy New Year and as usual nice video.
    This has made my to-do list.
    …where’s your safety glasses?

    Thanks for the good work.

    K. Plante

  3. A few suggestions. 1) instead of solid plywood ramps just use rails down each side. 3/4×3/4 should be plenty. That makes it easier to clean out if you spill a bag of macaroni on something in it. (If you can’t imagine that, you don’t have kids.) 2) open up the front of the top row so you can load it without having any space above it. That way it can fight “tight” between two shelves. Otherwise you’ve wasted an entire row of can space above it just to be able to load it. It will also make it easier to see what you’re low on if it’s at eye level without having to look at the top of it. 3) Since you don’t need the top open anymore cover it completely to keep dust out.

    The basic concept is great and it “forces” you to rotate your stock, which is always a good idea.

  4. Wow, the new camera looks GREAT! But ditch the tripod. I kinda miss the old “camera held out at arm’s length” method. But then, I guess that new camera would get pretty heavy after a while…

  5. Do you make these canned goods dispensers in a kit form (pieces cut that can be assembled) that you sell? This is very impressive and much needed in my pantry.

  6. I like this very much and with a little modification (some mentioned above in 7.62x54r’s comments) it will prove very useful. Thanks for the idea…now why didn’t I think of that 😀

  7. I could use something like this in sizes to fit tuna cans and tomato paste cans. Also the cans that Rotelle tomatoes (tomatoes with chilis) come in are a bit smaller than some of the others.

  8. Or if you have those white coated metal racks in your pantry, then remove, turn upside down and replace in pantry at a slight angle. That way you can place cans in, they wont slide off and there is room to store on all shelves.


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