Clamp storage systems


It seems everyone has a different method for storing his clamps. For too long, I have kept my clamps in a mishmash of ways in various parts of my shop. I have never liked it and decided to organize them this week.

My biggest problem was finding space for them until I had the revelation that there is unused space behind my door. It’s not very deep — a little over six inches — but perfect for clamps.

If you would like to try (or modify) any of the clamp racks I came up with, here are plans:

SketchUp file

PDF version

Bonus video!
You might be a woodworker if…


  1. Hi Steve, great job as uasual:-) guess this is gonna be one of my first woodworking projects, since i untill now only been collecting all type of saws and clamps for several years incase i get the intrest for woodworking he he, well i guess i have always had a passion for woodworking, just a lack of faith on my woodworking skills. But after your videos have been one of my weekly highlights for last 6 months i guess i just have too try too make somthing:-) so thanks for a great show! Btw huge quality improvement with new camera, butt it is still you that makes it awsome, not the equipment:-) gretings from -25C workshop Norway:-)

  2. I keep my clamps with threads in a cabinet because I don’t like the threads to get dusty. Well, I really don’t like to clean the dust out of the threads I suppose. Then I have a rack I keep a lot of my one handed speed clamps on. It doesn’t matter so much if they get dusty or not. Here is an old picture of my clamp rack, and the cabinet I keep threaded clamps in:

    I’ve collected a few more today. I also have a shallow drawer under my table saw out feed table I keep my spring loaded clamps in now.

  3. If you’ve ever watched workers cutting down a tree and seriously thought “How I can use that lumber to make [whatever].” … You might be a woodworker. 🙂

  4. What’s with the loose power strip in most of the video shoots. Almost each shoot has a disconnected power strip hanging or lying around, like it was set there for a reason? Another one of your enjoyable antics? Just wondering. Nice video on clamp storage. I enjoy each of to videos.

  5. Steve, where do you store the large “composite” clamps used to make your plywood laminations? I usually store mine right next to the garden gnomes but do you have a better storage solution?

  6. I am a complete novice, but I like working with wood – primarily fixing stuff around the house. I bought a pipe clamp at a garage sale and when I tried to use it, I couldn’t get the tailstock to slide along the black pipe. I’ve never owned or used a pipe clamp, but by just looking at it, use of it seems pretty simple… but that tailstock won’t budge. What could be the problem?


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