Make Christmas stocking holders


I decided to make some stocking holders just about a year ago, when we hauled out our Christmas decorations and hung our stockings from the mantel. It has always been a problem, because most stocking holders are not really designed to hold stockings. Or at least once Santa fills them with goodies. The hook is on the front of the holder, causing it to tip.

To be functional, the hanger needs to be recessed beneath the mantel. I made the hooks using flat steel bar from the hardware store. These are strong enough to fill your stockings all the way!

Once I figured out the basic design for these, I decided to make it also function as a candle holder. When lit, the light shines through the trees and creates a nice glow.


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  1. Best dialog from the video is at the 1:43 mark.

    “Using the flat side of my face…”

    Sadly Steve should have listened to the safety Nazis and worn a face shield when using his sander. Now his face has a flat side.

  2. A nice and practical “I made that” project.

    Just me but I would have used a spiral bit on the router and removed most of the waste for the rabbet with a dado set up on the table saw first.

    Wait – Who am I kidding? I would have bought the registers and spent my time making something else – lol. (Not a criticism)

  3. Just a Thought…. the screw and metal look kind of ugly; no offense; what if you had made an additional bend and dadoed (is there such a verb) underneath the base and screwed the metal there, then you would have had a nice unspoilt front. That’s only my 2p’s worth.


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