Make a Quarto board game


I only learned about Quarto a week ago. As soon as I started researching the game boards and pieces I knew I wanted to make one. It can be designed in all different ways, making it a great woodworking project. Plus, it would make a nice Christmas present.

Interestingly, this is one of the few projects I have made for which I used nearly all my power tools. Only my scroll saw didn’t see any action.

The game itself is very simple to play and quite intriguing.

Here’s a layout template for the circles if you want to make one similar to mine.


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  1. I’ve come across your videos through and have really enjoyed your videos. After seeing just a few of your videos, I have the sudden urge to get back downstairs and make some more sawdust.

    I really like your quarto board game and am thinking of making some for Christmas presents. I’m also thinking of combining the Quarto board with what you did for the chess board, by having a slide out door to store the pieces.

    I’m curious, about how big were your playing pieces?

    Thank you for the awesome videos! Keep up the great work.


    • Has anyone seen him post the dimensions of the pieces? I’ve seen a lot of people ask but no reply or added descriptions.

    • Dimensions from the actual game (I own it already): Tall pieces are 2-3/8″ tall. Short pieces are 1-1/2″ tall. The groove at the bottom corresponds with the width/diameter of the pieces, which is 15/16″ and the groove is 1/8″ centered at the 15/16″ mark from the base of each piece. The hole in the top is a shy 5/8″ in diameter. Any dimensions I missed? Oh yeah, the groove is about 1/16″ deep and the hole in the top is about 1/2″ deep.

    • The thing to remember: You can make it whatever you want, just as long as it has 4 different pairs of characteristics. Use your own dimensions. Heck, I’m going to make a jumbo version (the game maker Gigamic has the same game in jumbo size) of Quarto and its cousin Quorridor because big games are more fun for some reason. I’ll make up my own dimensions.

  2. That was really a nice description for understanding how to develop a game. Effective usage of hardware tools has been shown in the video. The tools used in manufacturing aren’t very expensive or highly professional. One can easily use them from his home.

  3. Together with my girlfriend we’ve just made this game in 10 minutes out of paper, just to see if we like it. It’s really cool and fun to play. We’re going to make two sets out of wood.


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