Make a quilt rack


I looked at a lot of different quilt racks before designing this one. Most of the racks looked at seemed either overly chunky and heavy, or ornate. The purpose of a quilt rack is to display quilts. Like a picture frame, it should enhance the art, but not out shine it.

So I decided to make it with as little wood as possible, just a few graceful curves. This turned out to be a great exercise in wood-bending. (My first attempt at bending was back in February.) It’s a surprisingly easy technique. Just takes time and patience.

If you would like to make this design, here is my template for the s-curve sides.

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  1. Great job! My sister is a master quilter will absolutely love this for a Christmas Present! I need to get to work.

    I have been using this technique for 2 years now making wooden snow sled runners. You are right, hard wood works the best. Maple is my favorite, but I have also used walnut, oak, ash, Ipe, and even purple heart. I use a 40-60 tooth blade on the table saw to rip 1/8 thick strips.

    I use 1 inch stacked and glued MDF to make the forms. It is real easy to sand if you don’t cut it quite right on the bandsaw. I use Saran wrap (clear food wrap) to cover the forms so glue squeeze out doesn’t cause an issue.

    Finally, I usually glue 5 to 6 pieces in a stack. But I glue up the first 2 pieces of the stack, let them dry, and clean them up before I finish gluing rest of the pieces. It’s easy to screw up with 5 or 6 slippery pieces in a stack.

  2. You might find that if you make two cuts on the mold with the band saw the wood will clamp together without gaps. The two cuts mimic the bent piece. So for the one you did you would make another cut the thickness of the piece you are bending on the mold. Wow it is harder to write than doing it. I hope it makes sense. Basically you are compensating for the bent piece when the molds are clamped, geometry.

  3. Hey Steve – nice project. The comment above about the S curve template is right, though. The link goes to a PDF for the two step stepstool.

  4. Steve I had no interest in this when I saw what the project was. But I always watch your videos. Man you have changed my mind on this and am hoping for a chance to try this project. what length did you cut your slats down to before glue up? I too got the wrong redirect for pdf. thanx you always have been a big help.
    tommyjoe biloxi ms 39532

  5. Steve…you’ve said more than once during this project that pine was “not the best choice” of woods. In looking at the outcome, I cannot see any obvious problems (no splits or gaps, etc.). Can you explain why you felt it wasn’t a good wood to use?

  6. Not my cup of tea as far as a project goes, but I love the instruction on how to better (easier) create curved wood. I’ll use that method from here on out. Thanks, Steve.

  7. Perfect Music for those sexy curves in a sexy project.

    You dubbed the music from a 1980’s vintage porn flick didn’t you?

    (Not that I would know about such things.)

  8. I love this design and I’m building it right now! I’m done with the uprights and now just need to figure out the width. I’m thinking 26-30″ wide. How wide did you wind up making yours Steve?

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