Woodchat interview


Here’s a recording of the show I did last night with Matt and Chris.

Mere Minutes
Today’s odds and ends.


  1. You mentioned you’d like to try intarsia. I do quite a lot of intarsia, and I’m sorry to say but you ABSOLUTELY need a scrollsaw, because intarsia requires very accurate cuts. It’s very fun though, if you do have the right stuff. A belt sander and a mop sander are also very important. Also, you need some expensive. woods for some projects. One is ebony ( about $20 per board foot) I have just a tiny bit ( for eyes and nostrils on dogs), and I practically think of it as sacred. Other than that, let your imagination run wild and have fun. 😛

  2. I usualy watch most of your videos, yet this one got bit boring at the end (“oh, look at the party photos” end)..


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