Easy 2-step step-stool


I mentioned in my recent Mere Minutes that I was working on a stomp box for this week’s video. I ran into a few complications and had to delay it until next Friday. Instead I decided to make a step stool using some more of that beetle-kill pine. I am really happy with the way this turned out, considering I didn’t start to even design it until yesterday!

If you’d like to make one, here’s a PDF template you can download.


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  1. Love the way you trust glue only. I must get professional help regarding glue only. I always have to stick in a couple screws so I can sleep at night. Love the design. Gotta go do one now. bye!

    • Yellow glue is pretty strong. Check out Matthias Wandel’s strength test where he compares various glue joints and screw joints. http://woodgears.ca/joint_strength/index.html. Short story, screw joints failed at roughly the same point as glue joints. However, he noted this:

      “All screw joints deflected to such a large extent before failure that the ultimate failure strength is useless as far as furniture making is concerned.”

      Glue wins.

  2. Hi Steve,

    As always a simple design that is easy for others to follow and make. I have to say though that I am unsure whether the front lips of the steps will be strong enough – There’s no support so the front inch may snap along the grain – hope not of course.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Ok, I am going to sound weird here, I like the little wood project but what is the name of that tune playing in the background??? I was watching this today and later out in the shop I kept trying to hum that tune.  You got some kind of subliminal message in there of something. (Just Kidding).

  4. I’m a total woodworking beginner and only have a small number of tools. As I don’t have the fancy tools you have any chance of some advice? I’ve got a hand held jigsaw, so I can use that to cut the curves, then I can file/rasp the wood so it’s smooth. If I use plywood instead of ‘proper’ wood, I don’t have to do the biscuit joint to join the two pieces of wood together, so that’s one less thing. I do have a cheap router, 1/4″ with a selection of bits. Can I use that to cut the grooves? Will that work ok on the plywood? If not, is it possible to cut them by hand with a chisel?


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