Make a Folding step stool


About two years ago I made a folding step stool and I have always had people asking for plans. Unfortunately, like most of my projects, I never make any detailed plans.

To refresh your memory, here is one that Robert Naylor made. (He also made the drill press table with vise I posted last Sunday)

Tim Barker took the time to strip down the instructions in my video and actually make a set of plans. ย Download the PDF here.ย Thanks Tim!
Here’s the video from November 2009.
Finally, I received a really special gift in the mail yesterday from 1st Battalion, 7th Field Artillery. It’s flag that was flown in Iraq. It included a photo and document signed by CSM William Bauer and LTC Andrew Gainey. There was no note in the package, though. So if you sent this, let me know! I am planning a project for it to be posted on Veterans’ Day. 11-11-11 this year!


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  1. Steve, For some reason the PDF plans say they no longer exist. Is there any way to get a set of them? I actually want to make a few of these at different sizes to use on my new patio.



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