The Wood Whisperer. A Mere Mortals exclusive!


What happens when Steve in Marin meets Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer? Well, we get a bit of critical insight into today’s most prolific online woodworker. Like, didn’t we really want to know what kind of beer is in the Whispering Fridge?

This video was a TON of fun. Marc is one of the most amazing woodworkers around these days and has really filled the gap left by Norm Abram. Even if you live on another planet, surely you have visited his web site.

Well, here’s a bit of inside scoop: Marc is as down-to-earth as he appears in his videos. Amazingly, the guy actually responds to every bit of email or message he receives and is totally connected to his audience. I wish I was that good.

But don’t you think he needs a little caffeine?

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  1. That was excellent Steve, I’m sure everyone here has been to Marc’s site, if not I highly recommend it. His guild membership is on promotion at the moment and the instruction is worth the investment. Of course that’s after you been through Steve’s stuff. 🙂

  2. Steve, another great video. I love your sense of humor! You’re right…Marc is a great person and somehow DOES answer all of his email with well thought-out advice. Not sure how he manages that and still gets into the shop.

  3. He called him John because Steve couldn’t get Marc’s last name correct and finally called him Mark Spitz.

    Nice job on the video. A Tale of Two Saws.

  4. Mr Steven do you have any account at stickam?? will be great if we can ask u a lot of things, maybe u can put some hour to find you at stickam!!


  5. Great interview! I love both you guys and your sites are my two most visited woodworking related web sites, so seeing the two of you together was really cool and fun!


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