Make a toothpick holder


Well sure, who doesn’t need a toothpick holder?

Seriously, this was a fun little project to make and gave me an excuse to fire up my old scroll saw. The idea here is that when you pull the clown up, the toothpicks pop up and his hands pop out.

I almost decided to eliminate the springing hands because I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish the effect. I’m glad I stuck with it because really, the spring-loaded arms are the whole point of the project. They are what make it unique.

The solution came in two parts. 1) A spring from a ballpoint pen, and 2) 1/4″ drip irrigation tubing. If I could make a point here, it is to never abandon your ideas. Sometimes it may take a while to figure out how to accomplish something, but in the world of woodworking, anything is possible. Just stick to your guns and solutions will come to you.

Same goes for designing projects themselves. Allow your imagination to lead you. The logistics will follow. Start with your right brain then let your left brain kick in.

Peace! Zenwoodworking guy is OUT!

Here’s my clown template (with hands) if you’d like to download it for this or any other purpose. (pdf format)

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  1. Same scroll saw I had till the crank wore out, gave it to a friend that is good at machining and he is using it now!

  2. I really appreciate seeing the small easy projects. My grand kids love to work in the shop and they need the easy fun stuff. I always am searching for things to make with them. You have been a blessing to me with all of the stuff we can build from your project list. thanks!!!! morryh


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