Enterta…er…TV stand build. Part 1 of 2. Or 3.


Here’s the beginning of the construction from this past weekend, although I’m not sure how much construction actually took place. Well, like I said, I was able to complete the front legs.

I’m not certain how far I will get this weekend as I will be busy with The Most Lamentable Comedy and Most Cruel Death of Pyramus and Thisbe. I play the part of a thespian’s dad who drives around a lot.


  1. Hey serious question haha. How big is your band saw because I am looking to get one or if anyone else can let me know how big their band saws are that would be great!

  2. I use a 14″ saw. I think it’s the best choice. For one thing, the blades are relatively inexpensive and easy to come by. I’ve never had a reason for a bigger bandsaw. Mostly, I’d estimate about 90% of what I use it for is resawing lumber.

  3. I’m with Backyard Wood and Mere Mortal 14″er perfect for the home shop. You can even get the riser lift thingy if you resaw real wide boards.

    By the way…..what am I doing wrong…my wife works the camera and watches me. I like your way better!! :^)

  4. Mike: The band saw will cut about 6″ deep, which is plenty big for almost anything. My table saw is an old SkilSaw. It gets the job done, but is really cheap. Takes standard 10″ blades, but will only raise up high enough to cut about 4″ or so.

  5. Neil: Yeah, you can always get a riser for wide boards, but if you need to cut boards that big, you probably would need a more powerful saw. If you need a large panel, it’s probably better to edge join smaller boards anyway to avoid warping.

    It was really funnny, because my wife just happened to be out in the shop so I put her to work. And well, mainly because I thought it would make for an amusing bit in an otherwise dull video. She rarely even watches any of my videos!

  6. I don’t want to teach my wife to use my tools because I may not get them back. I’m already having to buy her, her own tools so she will leave mine alone.

  7. Thanks Steve, i’m looking to get a band saw but i’m in the UK and most i can see only have the capacity of between 80-100mm which is barely 4″. Must be a UK thing, we probably have some “health & safety” law the same as with dado blades. It’s great over here 😉


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