The puzzle cube


Here’s a quickie project you can make in an hour. I found myself really humbled by the difficulty of making extremely accurate straight cuts with my less-than-Norm tools.

And if I could rant for a moment, I hate dealing with my bandsaw! It is such a pain in the ass to change blades. I practically have to disassemble the whole thing, then get it all aligned on the wheels, then tension it. I never really know if I got the tension correct. The whole process easily takes 20 minutes to half an hour. There has got to be an easier way. Plus, I hate making straight cuts on it. I’m sure most of the problem lies in my technique. The blade always seems to drift. It’s never as easy as setting up a fence on the table saw.

That said, this is a fun puzzle. And I swear, I must be really dumb because I always have to really think about it for a while to put it together!

Oh, and I got the inspiration last summer at the Marin County Fair:

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  1. I feel you’re pain dog ….about the band saw I mean.I finally put mine in the corner and only use it if I absolutly have to.I have found that unless you need a really thin kerf as is the case with you’re puzzel. A hand held jig saw works really well you just have to go slow. I’m going to try to build one of those puzzels and see if I can get mind to work that well.You do such fine work my stuff really lacks in that department I not givin up though.

  2. You could stand them up on end/edge on your crosscut boat. Then you don’t have to do stopped cuts and worry about the round kerf. You may be able to set a stop at 3 units from the blade and use other pieces as spacers, too. That would get all of your cuts from one setting. The only limitation is how high you can raise your blade. As long as it makes it 2 units, you’re all set.

    Cool project!

  3. I so need to practice with my bandsaw and this should be a just the project. I love making various puzzles and I wil add this one to my project list. Thanks for this and all the recent posts.. staying tuned.


  4. In your video at the 2:30 or so mark you are creating a trap on your sled. if that off cut to the right rattles around you are in for one nasty kickback!


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