Magic Disappearing Box


Many of you may have seen this project on my YouTube channel. After looking at it again, I decided to re-edit it into a shorter version. It’s a cool project, but I think it was too long. Posting two-part videos doesn’t seem to work on YouTube, as was the case with this. I can look at the stats and most people drop out after the first half. It’s taken me a while to figure out that people can cut to the chase and don’t need a lot of me yammering. So here’s a shorter version of the magic box. Well, that and I’ve been having a busy weekend and haven’t had much time to work on a new project in the shop!

But wait! Here’s a bonus video!

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  1. Haha you are seriously awesome! I wish I was related to you. Thanks for doing all of this!!! It keeps me wanting to do more instead of discouraging me without having all those fancy tools.

  2. can you make and send a magic disappering box all black, w/ white stripes and send it to maine? let me know and how much total? let me know, thanks! mark levesque

  3. I just finish watching your vid, great stuff.
    Do you have details plans of the magic disappearing box?
    My Grandson just discovered Magic and I would love to build that for him.


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