How to make bandsaw boxes


It’s really funny: I’ve had a bandsaw for a long time, but have never made a bandsaw box. I’ve seen a gazillion examples of them at, but I always kind of thought they looked complicated. So when I began searching for a simple step-by-step tutorial, I couldn’t find anything good.

Here’s the third one I’ve made:

The neat thing about bandsaw boxes is that if you give them away as gifts, people will be amazed and wonder about your woodworking prowess. They will think you are a woodworking god! Little will they know that you are a mere mortal and these boxes are totally easy to crank out! You can build one in under two hours. If you glue it up with super glue, you can have one completed in 3o minutes!
Here’s my very basic design, if you would like to print it out.
So here is my basic, super-straightforward video tutorial on
How to make bandsaw boxes:
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  1. Cool video Steve. I was curious and had a feeling on the steps on how to make one, but you explained it quite nicely.

    Don’t be so hard on books. After all, you’re reading this comment, aren’t you? LOL

  2. Steve,
    Nice work. I am a huge fan of your site. You would have made a good teacher. Certainly I often learn things from you.
    keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for the video! I to was under the delusion it was some long drawn out complicated task but after watching your video I decided to try it today made two of them its kind of addictive lol

  4. Thanks Steve,
    I watched this when it was first out, but now that I finally have a bandsaw I did my first box in an hour, and people are so impressed! I hope they never see your video, I want them to remain impressed with my super skills !
    Keep up the good work

  5. Really a simple project, Steve. Thhanks for the info and what kind of bandsaw did you use? I’m thinking of purchasing a Grizzly Go555 or GO555x. I have a bench top relic but am limited to a 41/2 inch height. Any comments appreciated.

  6. Steve, Buen día, hoy empezaré a hacer mi primera caja, tu tutorial esta muy bueno y espero poder hacerla igual que tu, muchas gracias por el video. Saludos: I hope you speak spanish, I´m from Monterrey Mx. God bless you

  7. My bandsaw can’t cut very thick peices of wood very well. How can I get around this would I need a bigger and/or more powerful bandsaw? It’s fine cutting up to 20mm but not much more than that.


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