Running Medals Display Rack | Woodworking Project

Running Medals Display Rack | Woodworking Project

I’ve been running for a few years now and this year my goal is to complete seven, half-marathon races. Every time you finish a race they give you an award medal. They are all unique and a fun way to remember all the races. I’ve been needing a way to display them., so I designed this rack. It was pretty easy to make and will hold a lot of medals!

Running Medal Display Rack

I began with the two sides, which are the most complicated. I cut a series of notches using a stack of dado blades on my table saw.

On my router, I cut out a short rabbet for the inspirational message sign to drop into.

Then I cut the decorative angled ends on my bandsaw.

The top cross piece has a notch on each end to create a lap joint with the sides.

And beveled decorative ends.

I like using lap joints because they look nice and are self squaring, making glue-ups easy.

The slats just drop in place. No need for notches on them.

I cut out the letters using my scroll saw and bandsaw.

After painting them silver I glued them to the backer board.

And glued it into those short rabbets I made on the router.

This thin cap piece also has beveled ends and just gets glued on the top.

Finally, I spray lacquered the whole thing and hung in on my office wall using a french cleat.

Free Award Medal Rack Plans



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