DIY Barbecue Grill Cart

DIY Barbecue Grill Cart

We recently bought a new gas grill to replace our old cheapie one that rusted out.  It’s a small model that requires a tabletop or a stand. Unfortunately the Weber barbecue grill cart sold separately for this grill is $100. I knew I could make something nicer for half that price.

This barbecue grill cart is beg enough to hold two propane tanks on the lower shelf. I like to have two tanks in case one runs out in the middle of cooking a meal. I’ve included an elevated platform for utensils and plates and the whole unit is mobile, using the wheels from the old grill.

I made this using 1×4 and 2×4 lumber from the home center.

DIY barbecue grill cart

After cutting most of the pieces to length, I drilled holes in one end of each of the upper table frame. These will hold the dowel handle. I clamped the two boards together and cut both holes at once to ensure they would line up properly.


I cut a curve on the end of each of these using my bandsaw.




I assembled the top frame and the lower frame into simple boxes using pocket screws.



I curved the ends of the two feet. These, and the rear uprights are made from 2x4s. They get glued and screwed into the table frames.







I used the wheels from the old cart and attached them using a threaded rod.



I glued the dowel handle in place and attached a frame to the upright for the utensil platform.



To protect everything, I covered all the surfaces with a transparent redwood deck stain and sealer, then screwed all the plans into place on the frames.







Free Barbecue Grill Cart Plans



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      • Thank you for sharing. I’m starting fresh as trying to build wood furniture and stuff. I really appreciate the link to help me get started with this new hobby.

  1. I’ll be in California next month for a few days, I’ll bring 1″ thick western rib eye stacks and some 321 Beer!

    Have you ever used your small scrap wood pieces for smoking chips? I use Black Cherry, Oak and Hickory – just another scrap wood effort that tastes good too. 🙂

  2. I always thought softwoods like pine and fir (what the 1×2 and 2×4 are likely made out of) don’t do well for exterior projects. Does using a deck stain and sealer protect it well enough that they could go outdoors? Or does it matter what your climate is (I’m Seattle area, for reference). I’ve wanted to build a lot of these outdoor projects using the cheap wood, but was afraid that they would fall apart in a year or two because they aren’t suited as well as something like PT or Cedar.

    Thanks for the help!

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