Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Three months into the bathroom remodel and we still didn’t have a convenient storage area until this week! Finally, I made the bathroom wall cabinet. The design and construction is simple and could be easily modified to fit your own needs or style.

When designing this, I wanted it to fit the theme of our bathroom with square edges and industrial elements. But mainly, I wanted it accessible. Wall cabinets often reach all the way to the ceiling, making the top shelf unusable, especially when trying to reach over a toilet!

So this is essentially a deep medicine cabinet. The little open shelves on the side are just for holding decorations. I suppose you could store stuff on them, but it would probably look cluttered.

Wood and steel bath cabinet

I began by cutting four plywood boardsĀ and assembling them into a basic box, using glue and long screws.


I used the two shelves as spacers to align the left, inset side.


I drilled shelf pin holes using a special jig from Kreg.



The face frame is made with solid pine boards. I glued and tacked these into place.



I builtĀ the door frame using pocket screws, then routed out a rabbet on the back side that the panel could rest on.


The metal poles are steel electrical conduit. I cut these to size with a metal cutting blade in my jigsaw.


Next, I set up a stop block on my drill press to bore holes in the exact spot on each of the little shelves.


The pipes just tread through them and rest in a shallow hole on the bottom.


I used two plywood boards as spacers to hold the shelves in place while I drilled holes and geld them in place with long screws.



The door panel is a piece of leftover bead board I used on the back wall of the bathroom. I glued it into the rabbet on the back of the door frame.


After painting everything, I ran the pipes through the shelves.


This french cleat system makes handing the cabinet easy.






  1. your an awesome guy with a awesome personality keep doing what your doing post more videos other than that great job.

  2. Thank you for your inspiration Steve ….
    ……. love you videos love the way you would work love the way you show your mistakes…. I’m really interested and getting into woodworking and getting into making my own videos…. I’ll try to send you the pictures of what I have so far…. I really suck with computers even the basics

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