Make a Whirligig

Make a Whirligig

Thought I’d give a shot at building a whirligig for the yard. What fun to make! I discovered that there are tons and tons of incredible, beautifully intricate whirligigs people make. There are even a few books on Amazon devoted to making them!

Mine is certainly an entry-level whirligig. It’s pretty easy to make. The trickiest part was figuring out what kinetic action I wanted it to do. I decided on a lumberjack; sort of a classic whirligig. Instead of the typical clothing, I decided to paint him as a character I envision from a Steinbeck novel. If you would like to try this one, here’s a PDF  template you can use to cut out the pieces.

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There were so many good entries. Thank you all for entering!


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  1. Thanks Steve that was fun. I may not have won a prize but funny is what i was after. Being “Special Mention” was prize enough.

  2. either Grizzly or Lee Valley tools for the wire bending jig and also they have a small bending brake for use in your vice for making small metal parts lots of luck to you

  3. Hey Steve I just wanted to tell you I saw video on whirligig. I just found your web sight and think it is great. I do a lot of woodworking and I was out of projects to do at the time. I never thought I would lower myself to build a whirligig but I did and had a great time. I built five already and people wont let me alone everybody wants one. Thanks keep up the good work.. Russ

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